Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morning meditation

This morning, Jake and I took our walk, as usual. He found a chipmunk, and I saw squirrels across the street.

The moon was still up to the west, and the sun rose behind us to the east. It made for a beautiful walk, both ways.

It's another gorgeous fall day here. We're going to spend it with dear friends, and I'm going to work on the paper that's due on Sunday. I got the rest of my schoolwork done through then, and can start reading for the following weeks. Just 10 more weeks to go. I got 100% on my last two quizzes, and feel good about how I'm doing, despite my intense senioritis.

The kidlets are laying on the futon next to me, "reading" while I work, Emma is making eggs and toast for us for breakfast, and Tom is off to work.

Today seems much more manageable than yesterday did; amazing what a couple of hours of work and a good night's sleep will do for one's attitude.

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