Monday, September 22, 2008

Changes Afoot

at Meadville Lombard. It doesn't look like it will affect MRP students as much, but I'm interested to keep reading and see what students are saying.

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ogre said...

It looks--so far--like the effect on MRPs will be minimal. The biggest impact we've foreseen is more crowding in the "J-term" (January classes), as residential students are now being encouraged/expected to take a class during that time.

The upshot (uproar--crowding was already an issue) was that certain classes were protected for MRPs by asking residential students not to sign up for them at all before a certain date (honor system) and by expanding the offerings for January. The latter is likely to expand some more, I think, from conversations and just seeing what could be done in a rush for January 2009. I'm expecting January 2010 to be more rounded out still.

For MRPs, the experiential part is either already part of what we're doing, or it's moot (so far) since we're far away and scattered.

Or at least that's the analysis so far.