Thursday, September 18, 2008

Visions of God

I have been having a hard time seeing God every day this week. However, today I canned 8 jars of pears (this is my first time canning, and it was a lot of work!), and seeing the girls' faces when I handed them some prepared pears that I didn't have room for was a delight.

Also, there was a driver in front of me today who was clearly in a hurry, but for some reason, I caught a glimpse of the lower part of his face in his side-view mirror and I could just see his humanity - the cigarette out the window, the facial stubble, the "tone" of voice as I could watch his lips speak. I wish I had had a camera!

The sky on the drive home tonight. Clear, beautiful, pre-frost sunset. Stunning.

Jude's face, talking about jumping on the stars at gymnastics - his favorite part.

Lucy saying, "Hide!" and "Boo Boo!" (peekaboo!) when throwing the cover back over her head.

Emma, laughing uncontrollably at Jude's descriptions of his poop.

All unlikely visions of God, but divine, just the same, to me.