Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crying at Weddings

I just got back from the wedding of two of my dearest friends (who I knew separately, and they met each other and fell in love!), and it was so wonderful. My former minister did the ceremony, and I was honored to do one of the readings.

It was so amazing and of course I cried. There is nothing more hopeful than a joining together of lives, and of course it makes me renew my own internal marriage vows, and be more in love with my own husband and family.

I honestly can say that this was THE most family/kid friendly event I have ever been to. Unfortunately, Jude got upset and had to be taken away by my husband, who missed the vows and the other good parts, like the kissing!

I got to see lots of old friends, meet some new ones, and have an utterly relaxing and joyous time. The kids traveled well, we stayed overnight with a different dear friend and were rejuvenated by her love and healthy cooking.

I got home to an annoying continuation of some difficult business, but dealt with it immediately. I also got an email and a phone call asking me about teaching gymnastics locally at the community center, which I would consider after December. I am excited to hear more about it! And an email about Wellspring news, which is getting me excited! My former minister mentioned that he is thinking about starting up a program in State College, which would be awesome.

So Congrats to E & K! I hope they have a miraculously awesome honeymoon in Italy, and enjoy their new married status for the rest of their lives!

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