Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been incredibly quiet for the past few days. There are a variety of reasons.

1. My semester has started, and I realized that I never received one of the books I ordered, which makes me already behind on studying. Thankfully, the seller is going to send me a replacement for free.

2. The kids fall activities have started. It hurts to look at Google calendar each morning. Even with cutting back, we now have:
Kid 1: Karate on M; Waldorf classes on T; Cheerleading on T, W, R; Drama or Science on Fridays (with her dad thankfully). The occasional YMCA homeschool day on Wednesday too.

Kid 2: Gymnastics on M, T, R, S; Waldorf on T with Kid 1; the occasional YMCA homeschool day on W (not always with Kid 1)

Kid 3: Gymnastics on R (with Kid 2); the occasional playdate.

Kid 4: Tags along at all the above events.

I have board meetings for the homeschooling association about every month or 6 weeks it looks like; Tom joined the RE Committee this year, so has a monthly evening meeting; Wellspring starts this month with a retreat next weekend; oh, and did I mention the wedding I'm in this weekend? (A joyful occasion however!)

Then I am teaching twice a month for the 4 year old RE class and am anxious to get to services - except when Kid 1 has a football game - MANY Sunday afternoons until November.

To add to the stress of the first week, there has been some marital strife that is recurring, but difficult to work through. I'm not sure how to resolve it and there are hurt feelings all around.

However, I am trying to continue my journaling practice every day, which in and of itself has been made difficult (by above mentioned marital discord) and it has been hard to see the holy in small things over the last few days, but I'm trying. My kids are the biggest source, but even they are being particularly difficult to love today.

Thankfully potato soup is in the crockpot, and fresh homemade bread awaits warming, so dinner will be a ready-made affair and hopefully bedtime will follow soon after!

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