Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daily Meditation

So I've been torn about what to do as my daily meditation. I write every day, either in a private space online or in my paper journal, or even here. I'm drawn to sitting quietly (beginner meditation) because I'm so resistant to it and find it so difficult. But before Wellspring started, I loved the idea of walking every day, but then we had to give up our dog, who I would want to walk with (and I couldn't take him for walks anyway because of his dog aggression).

But now I think I have a new leash (lease?) on that idea.

This is Jacob. I didn't think we'd find another dog for a long time. I kept the door open and perused Craigslist, Petfinder, and local shelter posts. I have looked at a lot of dogs over the last couple of weeks and have been very lonely for dogginess in my life. I've always had a dog; and it was painful not to have one - even a neurotic one.

Jake so far is everything I had hoped Sullivan would be, and sadly, wasn't. He rides well, he's totally mellow (especially for a young golden), he plays fetch, follows me around, and is gentle with the kids. He doesn't steal food, get in the garbage, or pee on the floor. He came from a family that had to rehome him because their older dog became aggressive with him.

He even met my neighbors dog this morning on our walk and he was totally mellow and left her alone when she was nervous (I'm sure she associates me with big, scary dogs, unfortunately). I'm going to take him with me today to hang out at my MILs while the girls have activities.

We have him on a trial basis, and if it doesn't work out, she'll take him back and find him another forever home. I can't see that happening at this point, but I'm still trying to keep an open mind. Even my husband though, who was dubious, is totally sold. He's a Golden guy though, so I'm not surprised ;).

Oh, and I got more of an answer to my question about souls from the other day, but I'll have to find the reference from Palmer and post it later.

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