Monday, January 19, 2009

Animal Tales

So our new cockatiel has found its voice! S/he is singing and chirping and mimicking like crazy, whereas it wasn't making a sound until now! It is also demanding to be held and taken out of the cage everytime we walk by.

And Penguin was put down a week ago...and we already have a mouse in the house. Good grief. We have the other cat in the house due to the cold weather, but he has no front claws and virtually no teeth. I am not sure he is capable of catching a mouse. Thankfully, he seems to be using the litter box full time, which is a huge relief since he figured out how to get the bathroom door open (where we were keeping him) and has free reign of the house now.

We also have the bunny in the hosue due to the cold. It's a menagerie around here!


ogre said...

Perhaps in this era of possibilities you can teach Neo to be a mouser...

Kelly KH said...

LOL, or they'll become like Stuart Little and Margolo! We're considering getting a barn cat for outside.