Saturday, January 10, 2009

New addition

I promise to get pictures up soon. We got our new baby cockatiel, "Neo" today. S/he (we won't know till after its 6 mo. molt) adjusted quickly. We got the cage set up nicely, with fresh tree branches, food and water, and some new toys. Emma was able to get it out to play with its new playstand this evening, but is still a tad jittery with him, but I think if we work with it every day it will get easier; its friendly, just a tad spastic.

I kind of hope it's a male so it will learn words. That would be very cool.

Tom's car lost its power brakes and steering on the way home from work tonight. He believes it's the pump, but I can't imagine worse timing. Gah.

Jakob and I have had shortened daily meditative walks due to the frigid <15F weather the last week or so. 30F would feel balmy at this point. Tomorrow we have church and a picnic. My friend Sarah and I are doing a chapter on Babies. I could talk about babies all day ;).

I really miss Penguin in the mornings when I go out and he's not there. I brought our other cat, Angus, in until it warms up a bit. He's arthritic and old and toothless and he's VERY happy to be in the upstairs bathroom where he can't pee on anything, laying on a blanket and eating himself to death. As a matter of fact, it would be lovely if he would re-litter train so he could just go in and out as he pleases. We'll see.


Toonhead said...

Female cockatiels can learn words and whistle quite well. It just takes longer with the words but they pick up songs rather quickly.

Kelly KH said...

Good to know! We will probably get another one later this year, and become much more knowledgeable as time goes on :). All info is welcome!