Friday, January 9, 2009


I just did my first "for-pay" work since June of last year. It feels good. Things are very, very bad financially around here. Nobody's hiring contractors because of the economy and Tom has hardly worked since the week before Christmas. I am giving it up every morning when I meditate but it's very stressful. We don't have enough for our mortgage right now and credit card debt is scary. Unless I get serious scholarship money, I may be looking at waiting an extra semester for school, which would be devastating to me personally.

I have been putting out resumes and got this very part time job with a friend, which I can do from home. Another opportunity is in the future but not for a couple of months. I will just keep putting out resumes for Tom and I until we find something! We're both qualified, nice people ;). Someone has to want to pay us to do something, right?

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Sarah said...

Oh, man, this economic crisis is such a catch-22, because if we had the money, there are a ton of jobs around the house that I would happily hire Tom for! I totally understand being in this tight spot.