Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanks much for the compassionate thoughts. I will definitely be making a police report tomorrow; I just ran out of time today. We have our suspicions and the family just moved because their house was foreclosed on, so I suspect karma has already had its way.

We had a lovely experience adopting a cockatiel for Emma today (already a planned 13th birthday present) which alleviated some of our sadness for anticipation of bringing it home.

It was so hard to come home tonight to no Pengi on the porch though :(.

A wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking Wellspring tonight though. Much discussion of historical context, creed, ongoing reformation and contemporary needs. I enjoyed it very much.

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Robin Edgar said...

You're welcome Kelly.

Please let us know what, if anything, comes from making the police report about the fact that Penguin was shot, even if that is nothing.