Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day!

Like many in the UU blogosphere, I was so very grateful to see Barak Obama sworn into office today. My friend Alyce had a birthday/inauguration party and I got to spend the afternoon with beloved friends, crying in solidarity and joy.

My oldest daughter has been refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance out of shame at our country's leadership for the last 4 years (yes, she started this boycott in 2nd grade, and she's in 7th now!). She is now proud to start saying it again. We very much enjoyed the "Simple Gifts" performance, as this is the song that her homeschool Waldorf class is learning on recorder right now.

My 10 year old daughter was rivited by my side the whole time, and we listened to every word of Obama's speech. That man was destined for preaching or presidency! I am always so very impressed that he writes his own speeches, and doesn't seem to need notes. He had powerful things to say. I am sooo excited for the future, even though the present is kinda sorta sucky at the moment, for myself and millions of others.

I feel so much hope and love, generalized.

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