Friday, January 16, 2009

Not News

Things have been going along and going along. We're getting back in the groove after the holiday break and it's been difficult. Next week is worse.

Took the cat to the vet today and he thankfully tested negative for feline leukemia. I got him up to date on his shots. He was hellish to drive to the vet - the roads were drifted with snow, the baby was screaming and I missed a turn and went 10 miles out of my way, and the cat peed and pooped in the crate (nothing like being trapped in a car with cat poop!). I thought Jude would throw up! We survived that experience and drove to a new goat milk farm that is near our house. The farmer homeschools 6 kids and is very sweet! She is very proud of their barn and milking equipment - they were just certified by the state and she and her husband built the barn themselves from the ground up. I am anxious to get to know her better.

A friend of mine is a DRE at a nearby church and just found out that I was going to ML in the fall. She pounced immediately, asking me to speak at her church this spring, as their minister is preparing to retire this summer and has cut back her hours to part time. I'm very nervous/excited. I'm to speak on local community building and need to prepare a reading as well.

Tom has found a bit of work - it's amazing how it keeps appearing as if by magic but it's not been very steady since before Christmas. I managed to pay most of our bills so far, but have had to resort to my credit card for essentials, like gas, a couple of times :-/. I also was gifted with some part time work by a friend, which is wonderful; and was called for an interview at a local mental health agency to do case management. The money is...well, I can't think of a word for it, but not enough. But it is better than nothing! We shall see. I think I will at least interview, just for the continuing experience of presentation. It is full time with benefits, which would be nice, if it were about $10/hour more.

Walking meditation has been challenging in this bitter weather. I gave in this morning and let Tom take Jakob out, and I will meditate tonight before bed. If I don't collapse from exhaustion first. I am so tired today.

Anyway, normal life with some very nice things. Soren has a gymnastics meet on Sunday, and it will just be her and I. It should be fun! Reminds me - her best friend has a nasty fall at ice skating yesterday and needed stitches. Good thoughts are appreciated, as it was pretty scary for her!

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