Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day

Well, I don't think I remember much of Monday and Tuesday. I know I didn't get any studying done yesterday or today, thanks respectively to Lucy's siblings being at class all afternoon and her joy at having me all to herself; and today's work.

Monday was a busy day - Emma had a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning, and we had a rather miserable experience. The specialist we were referred to was rude, egotistical, and made Emma cry. We won't be returning to him, though maybe to his practice, since it's the only game in town. It made me realize, once again, how important the Art of Listening really is, and how the assumption of one's intentions can be so damaging.

I am having trouble finding a lab to take her to for a morning fasting draw; Google can be your friend, except when it's not.

I spent about 2 hours chatting with my ex tonight about the girls. It's interesting how the decisions we make now are just as, if not more important, than the ones we made when they were infants. I'm so grateful that we have the time and space in our lives to have these important conversations.

I have 2 chapters to read, a paper to write by Friday, and the more and more and more reading ;). All good stuff though. If only I had time to watch Heroes, Weeds, and Vampire Diaries :::sigh::: Maybe after J-term, hah!

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