Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's official!

My god, I can't believe it. I'm here in Chicago, I met my fellow first-year seminarians, the faculty and staff, had an advisory meeting and registered for my fall and January intensives classes, had a reception, dinner at the school's President's house, and am trying desperately to wind down in my dorm room.

My flight went perfectly; I even sat by myself! My sister met me in the baggage claim, her son picked us up; we found my key card, my dorm and school!

I met someone I knew of from my RE Director and we hit it off immediately and had a deep hour long discussion about small group ministry which was so great and inspiring, and we talked about how we don't like Parker Palmer that much, but like the Quaker Circle of Trust model...

I met my adviser, Sharon Welsch, who is the Provost here and I'll be taking a class or two from her; that went smoothly. We also talked more in depth about my community partnership component, which was great. I have a much better vision for what I should be doing this year. I still don't have a teaching pastor, which we didn't talk about, but I'm meeting with her again tomorrow, so I'll remember to bring that up hopefully.

It felt like all fun and no work, honestly. I know that is to come, but I cannot remember a day that was more enjoyable. I talked with many students and faculty about ALL the things that make up my inner world and that I don't have the opportunity to talk to people about usually! And nobody was bored or felt threatened by my religion, or that I was weird. I am HOME.

I also met Tina Porter, the Student Services Director and I would very much like to bring her home with me. I didn't get much time to chat, but she exudes warmth and friendliness and a get 'er done attitude. My kind of woman. I got a chance to chat with the new student chaplain and he seems very quiet and laid back at first and then BAM he is just this very intense and bright and interesting and vivid person! I can't wait to learn more about him as a person.

My fellow students are bright, charming and wonderful. Every conversation was incredible.

And I saw some guy a vespers that I *swear* I know from someplace else. I meant to ask him his name but didn't...hopefully I'll see him again this week so I can chase him down and find out where I know him from! I almost wonder if he wasn't a student at Penn State who attended UUFCC?

Anyway, I am officially here, officially start class on Monday, officially a seminarian, officially feel right in my skin, in my life, in my direction. I met one of the teaching pastors today and he asked me if I was a second year student because I seemed so comfortable. Well I do! I feel at home here, and excited and invigorated and spiritual and connected and present, and well, can you tell, this is such a great day?!


Bill Baar said...

And you have perfect weather in Chicago this week too.


Kelly KH said...

Thanks Bill! Yes, it is gorgeous and looks to stay that way back home through the weekend too -lucky me!

Kelly KH said...

Thanks Bill! Yes, it is gorgeous and looks to stay that way back home through the weekend too -lucky me!

David Pyle said...

Welcome to our school!

Perhaps we will see each other in January.

Yours in Faith,


Kelly KH said...

David, that would be great! I'll be there Jan. 6 to the 22nd.