Friday, September 11, 2009


1. RE is starting with a teacher ingathering tomorrow. I have to go into the office and make a zillion copies today with my littles in tow, and the printer is down, and I haven't been able to login remotely and I'm tired of technology problems!

2. I haven't been able to login to my online classes at ALL and emailed 3 people and got no response, and finally just created a new account and now can get in but am already way behind on reading and assignments. Argh!

3. I have to get stuff ready for the Wellspring retreat next week so have to stay after church on Sunday to do that.

4. I have to get the fall clothes out for the kids. Every year I think I have them organized but then over the summer everything becomes a mess, so I have about 12 huge boxes of clothes to go through and I have to drag them upstairs, wash everything, put all the summer stuff away, and find time to drag all the outgrown clothes to goodwill - and where the heck can I take old toys now with the new lead laws about selling used toys? I have so much crap to get rid of and nowhere to take it and I don't want to throw it out!

5. My husband and I are struggling now that seminary is a reality. He is refusing to help with any housework, cooking, yard work, or attend anything at church. WTF? This is a huge stressor and even if he would talk about it, I don't know how to make time this week, but since he wont' talk about it anyway, I guess it will sit on the back burner until he's ready. Meanwhile, the lawn needs to be trimmed on the edges, the chicken coop needs to be cleaned and have fresh hay, we need chicken feed, I have to go to the grocery store and have no money, the bathroom is digusting and the downstairs needs to be vacuumed but the littles trashed the playroom before I could vacuum it after I cleaned it a few days ago, so I have to pick up again before I can vacuum!

Oddly enough, I am pretty centered and know that it will all get done somehow, but I could really use an extra husband right now, who isn't giving me attitude.

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