Saturday, September 12, 2009

The New Saturday

I guess this is what Saturdays once a month will look like. Well, minus the 5:30 a.m. wake-up and 6 busy hours at work. We had our RE Teacher Ingathering today, and I got there at 7:15 to help our DRE stuff folders, make coffee, and get everything ready.

I think it went well; RE visioning last year suggested a move to a workshop rotation model for grades K-5 and traditional classes for Infant through preschool, and jr and sr. high. It has been a tremendous amount of work to get the classrooms put together in 6 weeks and they're not done. They have no art supplies or anything but they're certainly starting to have character!

Then cleanup, scrambling to figure out what we need tomorrow for Homecoming Sunday, and for the first real week of RE next week.

I got home, had my monthly class conference call for the first time -one hour with the whole class, and one hour with a smaller group. I thought it went really well, and turned in my notes and reflections right after so it was fresh in my mind. Now I'm trying to read some Coogan and such for my Hebrew class, which we're supposed to turn in a reflection by tomorrow night...but I don't know what that means. Are we supposed to follow a writing style, or is it informal? How long should it be? Nobody else has turned anything in yet either, so I don't have anything to compare to and there was no written guidance from the professor. Hmmm... Live and learn I guess!

I'm so sleepy from getting up early but am going to try to finish my readings and make some notes, because I have another assignment that I need to start.


plaidshoes said...

Sounds like a very busy day! I hope the new RE plan goes well and your reflection!

Paul Oakley said...

Hi Kelly! It was good to "meet" you this afternoon on the big group conference call. (Wasn't there a lot of interference with the sound?!)

About the Hebrew Scriptures assignment, I wouldn't stress too much about it. I think the important thing is to engage the material and answer any specific questions we are asked.

Kelly KH said...

Paul, nice to meet you too! Can't wait to see you in person in January :). Yes, the interference was bad at the beginning but seemed to become better once everyone discovered their "Mute" buttons!

I'll take your advice and turn in something, anything!