Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love my kids

Jude had a wonderful birthday. He went to his first ever Waldorf homeschooling co-op class (where he knows just about everyone since his sisters have gone there for the last five years), and got to share snack and run around with other crazy boyz (though I heard he ate snack with a girl and chatted animatedly the whole time). I love having mama-spies to check in for me!

Lucy and I had a nice time hanging out on the playground and I had a meeting with our church's ministerial intern, with whom I get to co-facilitate Wellspring this year. We mostly talked about classes and spouses, and church and RE, and very little about Wellspring, but we did get some of our ideas ironed out.

We had a simple pasta dinner with cupcakes and brownies and sang Happy Birthday. It was nice :)

And tonight, I got 1:1 time with my 10 yo daughter, who started asking me all sorts of questions in the car about the history of UUism and what I believe and what she believes and what other people believe, and enlightenment and the Dalai Lama and Buddha and Calvinism and ... wow. What a cool kid. All over a Wendy's frosty and fries. We also talked about how hard it is to be present - for her, for me, for everyone.

And my oldest daughter was a rock today while I worked my tushie off at home and then went into town and worked some more, and came home and now everyone is asleep and I'm supposed to be reading Coogan and I'm not, but I will. Promise.

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