Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dawkins; The God Delusion

I've just started it, and almost didn't make it through the preface because of the plethora of generalizations, which had me agreeing with Chris Hedges on the "New Atheists" as he calls them - a new kind of fundamentalist, just as dangerous as any other kind of fundy.

I haven't gotten beyond the first couple of chapters, but I do have to say that there are places i really agree with him about religion and religious faith. As a former Catholic, I was snickering about many of his points about how far beyond the Trinity have gone. I don't know how theologically sound he is and am not very far in, but it seems to be a maddening blend of atheist fundamentalism and on-target criticisms of the very things that often befuddle me about faith and established religion. As always, I"m interested in others' thoughts...I know, i could go google millions of discussions about this book, but who has the time?


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