Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring! and random blather.

There are crocus leaves poking up around the mailbox at the end of my walk!

And I am learning about Lent, all over again. How is it that I was brought up Roman Catholic, and am so incredibly ignorant of Christian ritual and tradition? It is to make one scream in frustration. I'm enjoying the link to Leaflets for Lent posted by Boston Unitarian (I'm too lazy to link right now; look it up), and am still reading Marianne Williamson.

A dear friend sent me the Praying the Word book I wanted, and I am enjoying it very much, and very slowly and deliciously.

This has been a very difficult couple of days, but there are crocuses blooming!

I'm a bit lonely. I had 2 different evenings out planned this week with friends and they both fell through - one because of no gas money and one because Tom is working (a good thing, but sad for my social life). Thank goodness for books and Netflix and Lost on the Internet. And blogs. And magazines (UU World came! and More magazine! and Games Magazine!).

I decided that since my internal outlook was bleak, I would spruce up the house today, so Soren and I remade Emma's bed with her birthday set that my mom sent (pictures on the way!) and I put up the curtains she sent. Then I made curtains for Lucy and Jude's room, but that kind of backfired, because I want to switch their rooms, and after I made what-was-to-be Lucy's new room all pretty and girly with a new to her bedset (Emma's old twin one) and Dora curtains...Jude decided he didn't want to move to her room (even though I put up star and moon curtains there). Darn kids. Uncooperative. I also made a curtain for the playroom, and did a thousand loads of laundry and cleaned out the linen closet, and vacuumed and made beer batter tilapia and asparagus with white sauce.

I've gained 7 lbs. this month, which is highly irregular for me, and I think it is this malaise that has me sitting in bed moping . I'm not even eating that much.

Blather, blather. And our intern is preaching this Sunday and I am going to miss it because I have to teach! ARGH! And I'm supposed to preach the Sunday after Easter, and I have no idea what I'm going to preach about. Supposedly community but I want to throw out everything I've written. I want to find some good readings and such but am having a hard time with Mr Google.

Le sigh. Off to walk the dog one last time and enjoy the warm evening and the stars. The geese are migrating - I saw about 500 this morning when I walked the dog, and some of them were snow geese! They're back! I love snow geese.

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Sarah said...

Want me to teach for you this week so you can hear the sermon? I'm totally up to it and I'll be there. I can't sit with Eliot in the sanctuary anyway because he doesn't like to be still for that long, so this would give us something to do.

I love the ritual of Roman Catholicism. I don't think I'll ever totally sever my connections to the Catholic church for that reason alone. When you take away the Vatican's dogma, and just look at the beauty of all the rituals, it's quite amazing.