Monday, February 2, 2009

Piety, perfection, and devils

I swear, this has been one of the most trying years of my life and it has barely begun. It's just one horrific thing after another around here. If I wrote them all down, you wouldn't really believe them. But somehow, I am not depressed- sad and scared and frustrated - but not hopeless. I credit my daily spiritual practice for this centering. But you know what, I'm human.

I had an argument with a certain someone yesterday, who insultingly called me "perfect" and "pious" of all things. How do you tell someone to not call you perfect? I don't know, but I managed it, with little tact. How can anyone think that of anyone, least of all me? Good grief. So today, in apparent rejection of these unfair accusations (and really, I'm not pious at all - I am not the model of propriety in much around here), I have a devil riding on my shoulder.

It was a strong devil and it pushed hard for running away from all the trials that I have been dealing with. But somehow, I resisted - but boy, was it annoying to be a grown up. I wish that little fella would go away, but apparently being a call to the ministry is not strong enough to banish temptation ;). I wish the person who accused me of being so perfect could see inside my head sometimes; they might be surprised!

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boston unitarian said...

The problem with being called perfect is that it instantly focuses and intensifies one's imperfections and nothing brings out the "devil" faster than that! Many blessings to you and prayers for your family. BU