Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open to the Possibilities

I have been trying and failing to keep my chin up for much of the last week. I gave in to a little bit of wallowing and spent the weekend in "Mental Health Break" mode, while my husband cooked and I caught up on paperwork in bed.

I'm feeling a bit more myself now; the sun helps, and my daily spiritual practice has become deeper - I was feeling stuck, and found some things that moved me forward a bit. I also had Wellspring on Monday night, which is always uplifting and centering. We had a very interesting discussion on Process Theology, and a very creative and fun meditation!

Things have been quite difficult on the money front. We have been unable to pay some major bills this month, and I have been job searching to no avail, and felt that the universe had exhausted any safety net that was there. However, I got offered a temporary part-time job yesterday that fits in perfectly with our lives through May. Thank you universe!

In other news, I sent my oldest off to Fla. on her first lone airplane trip yesterday. (Her friend's family bought her a ticket!) I have to say that the "security" measures are ridiculous. I haven't flown since 2004, and things have gotten faster but stupider. My toddler was totally traumatized by the security guard, who was nice enough, but an idiot, nonetheless. So much for being non-judgmental yesterday. These people are totally unable to think outside the box.

But E is safely there and certainly enjoying the warm weather and the company of her best friend.

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