Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bermuda Triangle

I have detailed my lawnmower woes here before, but for crying out loud. We have a John Deere that needs a transmission, a Bolens articulating that blew its engine, and we just borrowed an older True Value mowed 2/3 of the yard yesterday and then just stopped cold. Battery dead.

Our yard is becoming a graveyard for mowers.

The good news, totally unrelated to out of control grass, is that my 10 yo and I planted all of her sunflowers and morning glories yesterday; weeded the front walk a bit, and around the mailbox; and I should be able to get the rest of the vegetables and seeds in the garden today. We still need to weed the strawberry patch and the front flower beds, but mowing is dead in the water (lawn?) for today unless another battery does the trick.

Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.

The Bermuda Triangle of my yard has some evil sort of mystery, but the mystery of the earth is also present!


beanjeepin said...

We live in the same triangle. We have the WORST lawnmower luck ever!

ogre said...

Two alternatives;

Push mower--well tended to (blade sharpened, kept oiled--not that challenging). Civilized, a bit of exercise, and a relatively green tool (in carbon footprint to build it and of course in use). Doesn't make an unholy noise or threaten to hurl rocks and such at injurious speeds.

And/or... turn it into something that's useful or at least lower maintenance. Lawn is, after all, largely a cultural affectation. Gardens (food, and ornamental) and shade trees... those make sense. Grass should be reserved for play ares that really require it, and for grazing.