Sunday, June 28, 2009

GA and Camp

well, I didn't get to go to GA, but thanks to all the blogosphere for making me feel as if I got to experience some of it. I"m slowly working my way through the videos, and am loving the worship services and the music.

I never said much about the election, but I was asked to be a delegate of my congregation. I got all the info about the two candidates and my boss endorsed Hallman, but I felt drawn to Morales all along. I really did a lot of reading about both of them and their platforms and in the end I voted for Morales, though I felt a little guilty to let my boss down! (She didn't pressure me, she just *really* liked Hallman). So I am excited that Morales won and am looking forwad to the gifts that he will bring to our faith.

In other new, I dropped my two big girls off at camp in the Adirondacks today. I already miss them. My 10 yo has never been away from her parents for this long, and was really nervous, but at least her sister is there. She was already learning camp songs with her counselors when I left!

Quote of the day from Jude: "I want to grow up to be a good man like my dad."

I like it.

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