Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have been following the NYT Lede blog and Twitter (as I can bear it - I haven't quite figured out the whole Twitter thing yet - I think I need a primer). My ex offers this advice about helping keep the lines of communication open.

I don't post much about politics here; I have strong feelings about a lot of things, and they are often controversial, and I don't often have time to spend debating. But because I see this as a religious issue as much as a political one, I am filled with compassion for those who are affected by the rigid and self-serving actions of their government's religious and political leaders.

Oppression, whether it's political or religious, is wrong. I believe that freedom of speech and fair elections are the cornerstones of transparent politics. Religious leaders have oppressed people since religion came into existence; I hope that the Iranian people will get the support they need to have a fair re-election, but I doubt it will happen. As I have recently read, when oppression is done in the name of religion (and isn't outright genocide these days), people are likely to let it happen because we don't want to in turn oppress religious freedom, right?

Right. :::sigh:::

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