Sunday, June 14, 2009

A perfect day!

It is so incredibly beautiful today. The lawnmower consented to work long enough for me to get the lawn mowed too.

(note to ogre: I tried to reply to your comment but it didn't post. I used to use a manual push mower, but we have over 2 acres. About half is left to field/wildlife area along the woods, and there are quite a bit of landscaped areas, but that still leaves way too much lawn to do by hand. Even if I planted more gardens, that means more time weeding and maintaining too!)

Note: Tom called me last night to posit that perhaps we were meant to be Amish. When he got to work, the cooling fan on our brand new Honda Odyssey wouldn't turn off and now we have to take the fuse in and out. Now I have to take it to the shop on Monday (and I spent an hour there Wednesday getting the first oil change, argh).

Our chicken tractor is almost done, but sadly, we aren't getting chickens as soon as we thought. The ones that our friends hatched were more than 1/2 roosters, and our friends don't have enough hens to give us the 4 to 6 I was planning on. I am hoping to find some at the farm they got their eggs from. I don't have time to hatch my own, and want to get healthy ones that will be friendly. The kids are super anxious to get started with the chickens, so I hope it works out; I don't want to buy them from auction if I can avoid it.

Garden:My lettuce is almost ready to eat and the cukes and broccoli are growing like crazy. I ran out of room to plant beans, squash and carrots though I may plant some squash around the corn if I have enough room not to interfere with the tomatoes.

Everyone is in a good mood; I spent a lot of time yesterday making paper airplanes and lego creations with the littles. It was so good to just have time to PLAY!

Off to get back outside and enjoy this wonderful sunshine and perfect temps; the housework is nearly caught up, but whatever isn't done will wait! We're going to Keuka Lake Tuesday to Wednesday, and I can't wait to enjoy the lake and beach and kids.

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