Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I like Father's Day. It takes the pressure off me as the mother. I demand adulation all the time, darnit, and it's dad's turn ;).

Anyway, I think my husband had a good day; my son was vile for about 60% of the day, but we managed to avoid putting him the trash can. Barely. I'm sure my husband missed his dad, who passed away 5 years ago.

I talked to my dad on the phone; he was not having a good day. He has dementia as a result of 35+ years of aneurism- and seizure-related brain damage, and he just wasn't having a good day. He's 82 now, and a walking miracle. George should make you believe in mystery, if not God. They were having a father's day trivia contest at the nursing home; I hope he won!

My older girls, by all accounts, made their dad's day wonderful. They made shrinky-dink jewelry and brought him breakfast in bed.

This week will be a busy one; the two older girls are going to camp for a week starting next Sunday. We have to label and pack everything. They are both nervous - this is the 13 yo's 4th year at camp, but her best friend isn't going this year, so she'll be on her own. It's the 10 yo's first time away from home overnight for a week - but at least her sister will be there.

I'm going to be working on career development assessment preparation - making an appointment ASAP, doing the paperwork (did I mention that I spent 3 hours on an autobiographical thing that then disappeared off my hard drive?), and getting through school emails that have been pouring in. I also have to register for my pastoral care class at St. Bernard's.

I'm feeling a bit frazzled. I've been stuck in a morass of day to day ennui; it's time to access my inner passion and energy and oomph again. Hopefully the neverending rain will finally end. I think it would help tremendously to get outside and tackle the yard, the garden, and bounce on the trampoline. I have felt disconnected from my faith, but not my path; my connection to the earth, my connection to family and friends. It's time to re-engage; I'm recharged after a brief hiatus into being anti-social and apathetic.

Reborn. Again and again and again.

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