Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the end of ennui

Well, the days of reflection, ennui, and apathy are over! Yay!

Things are falling into place for all.

I scheduled my career assessment for August. There is a LOT of preparation to do. That link isn't even all of it. I am going to have to haul a** to get it done!

Then, I heard from our associate minister today. I have been asked to co-facilitate a Wellspring group next year!! (I'd add more !!!s, but that would be obnoxious). She said some wildly flattering things and of course I said yes. One of the reasons I believe that I didn't get any of the scholarships I applied for this year is my lack of leadership development within the church. I have lots of that in other places, but not within the church. This is a huge opportunity for me. Huge. This program is life changing. I watched it change others. It changed me. And it's being picked up by other congregations and even other faiths. I am so excited to have this chance and so flattered to be asked.

I'm starting to network and look for my community partnership placement opportunities. For school, I have to do 8 hours a week; this year in some sort of human services venue. I have some ideas and have put it out to some friends and my ministers. My hope is also that, since I have career experiences in this field, that I can find something that will turn into work that I can keep doing throughout school. We are still struggling financially and I need to keep getting paid somehow.

I've been slacking on my daily spiritual practice lately, but this week I've been getting back into it and it shows. I am sure that this recent period of down time was necessary, but it didn't feel like "me" so to speak. I'm starting to get excited, energized, connected to myself and others after a short hiatus. I am so filled with joy!


plaidshoes said...

Congrats on being asked! I have never heard of Wellspring. It sounds very interesting. Do you present it to congregants, lay leaders or ministers?

May I ask why you are doing a career assessment? Is it part of ordination?

Kelly KH said...

Thank you! Wellspring is generally for congregants (and staff have participated as well), and is definitely open to lay leaders. I know some ministers who are looking to offer it their congregations. I did the program last year and found it to be transformational.

And yes, the career assessment is required by the UUA as part of my ministerial stuff :).