Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Being calm

Just got back from my first child-related ER visit in almost 9 years. I swung my 20 month old up out of the way in the gym lobby and lo! Nursemaid's elbow!

I drove home first, and my oldest daughter came with me to the ER, and couldn't believe how calm I was. She was a mess. I told her that that's what mothers do. You can freak out later, but you have to be the grownup when your kids need you. No matter what.

Anyway, it was a positive experience in general, although I should have known better than to pick her up like that. Everyone was very reassuring that it happens all the time.

I still haven't freaked out though. I think growing up with a mom who is an ER nurse cured me of it, for the most part.

Some days it's good to be the grownup. And I'm glad that our first ER visit with this kid was not too bad. One little pop, and she's back to normal. And she was VERY brave!!

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