Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy Weekend

I have been low on computer time. We had an open house/potluck on Saturday, one of a series since spring. I hope to have one more before it gets too cold to be outside. I hope to have some pictures later when I get a chance to upload them to the laptop.

There were mounds of food; all delicious. There were good friends, loving family, and good weather. Too many mosquitoes though. They are a plague this year.

Sunday we went to the first football game that my oldest was cheerleading at. It was really, really hot, but beautiful. Our team won 36-0. Go Lions! The cheerleaders did great, despite the fact that their coach was throwing up when I got there, and I made her go home.

I got to help at practice today, and they worked pretty hard. I have some thoughts that I need to process about Emma and her experience with some of the girls, but I need to sleep on it some more. Despite the fact that for a rural area, it is pretty racially diverse, there is a lot of racism and small-town ick factor. There's also the difference between homeschooling and limited access to mass media, and public schooling and all that comes with that.

Anyway, the school year, or whatever it is for us, starts in a couple of weeks, so things will get more hectic, and I will miss the summer slowdown. Thankfully I will be done with school for awhile come December!

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