Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tears of Joy

Yesterday, I sent out my letter of intent to the UUA, and my reference requests for Meadville Lombard, as well as my transcript requests. Tonight I sealed the envelope on my application, essay, resume and application fee. It's ready to send off from the Post Office tomorrow. I actually teared up when I sealed the envelope. It feels like 2 years of blood, sweat and tears; sacrifice from everyone in my household, a huge sigh of relief, and a healthy ladel of love, all shoved in one envelope. I'm sure I'll feel the same way - a mixture of dread, fear, anticipation and joy - when I drop it in the box tomorrow.

I also found out I've received 11 of the 15 credits I requested for prior learning, and I got my final evaluator's name. That means that come September, I have 12 credits to finish and I will file my intent to graduate and be done!!!

And just to make it all even more worthwhile, here's a picture of my daughter in her new uniform!

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Terri said...

Hi Kelly, Congrats in these huge steps! I'll be cheering for you in your path toward ministry, Terri