Monday, August 4, 2008

Such a good feeling!

I just had my 3rd interview for credit for school and it went incredibly well. The evaluator and I had had difficulty connecting initially because her email was bouncing anything I sent, and then she had to reschedule once we finally got a time together.

So my hopes were low, and I am feeling worried about these credit by evaluation classes, because I *need* them to graduate in December. The first one I had I haven't had any feedback on yet, and the second one went great, but that was a week ago and I haven't heard back from him either... it is to make one nervous.

But it was awesome! The credits are for my case management experience and it was so wonderful to get back in that frame of mind and talk about the work that I did with homeless teens and as a foster parent. To think back to how meaningful it all was (before one gets burned out) and how each kid was a new opportunity. I loved working with other agencies and creating a situation where a kid could learn to succeed and become a productive adult.

So she was clear when we hung up that she was impressed and I was getting my 4 advanced credits. Woohoo! Yet another step closer.

Now I just need for them to find an evaluator for my writing work. No word yet and it is also to make one nervous. Anyone in editing/freelancing out there who is looking to do some evaluative work?

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