Saturday, August 2, 2008

The next steps

I just filled out my Meadville Lombard application, sent emails asking for my references, and filled out my initial inquiry form to send to the RSCC. Scary and joyous, all at the same time.


ogre said...

Well... here's an advance welcome to the ML community!

Are you planning to be a full-time 'residential' student ('local' may be the current parlance of the administration) or are you looking at the modified residency program?

I'm in the latter. January will be my second term there (but third time there for classes).

John Crovis said...

Hello Kelly,
I'm John from The Pageless Book... I've just happened upon your blog and realized that we have a lot in common! I, too, am on a journey to become a UU minister. Love the design you chose for your blog, btw. Congrats on applying to Meadville - you're two/three steps ahead of me, that's for sure.


James said...

Big step!

Congrats & best wishes on this path of discernment.

We sure never know where it will lead...

yrs in the good work,


Kelly KH said...

Hi John! Thanks for the welcome. I will be applying for modified residency, as I live in NY. I can take some classes at Rochester Colgate Crozer Divinity as well, as a non-degree student. My sister lives in Naperville, so I'm hoping to be able to spend some of my January intensives with her.

Kelly KH said...

Hi John! I'm not sure if I've made it to your blog or not, but I'll check it out. I'm glad you like the design of mine! I look forward to talking more :)